Ferrari Corsa Baltica

Ferrari Corsa Baltica is the official name of Poland’s largest annual event for owners of this Italian automotive brand. This event is held over a couple of days during the summer and attracts owners and fans of the brand, but also anyone who appreciates the beauty and incredible sound effects of Ferrari engines. The cavalcade starts from the Ferrari Katowice and Ferrari Warsaw showrooms and always ends at the Polish seaside. Each year the route is slightly different and stops by different cities. Various activities and challenges await participants at each stop. 

When planning Corsa Baltica, our priority is to show our customers unusual, boutique venues that focus on delivering the highest quality of service. The annual cavalcade passes through places that have something magical about them, surround you with an atmosphere of relaxation and leisure, because that is what our cavalcade is all about. For more than 10 years, we have also been proving that it is possible to drive our cars on Polish roads and, most importantly, that you can drive across Poland from south to north and have a lot of fun doing it.

A special 10th cavalcade took place in 2022. As many as 30 Ferrari cars drove in the anniversary edition, including the Ferrari Roma, 812 GTS, SF90 Stradale and Spider, all led by the 296GTB, which became this year’s lead car setting the pace and direction of the cavalcade. In addition to brand new participants, the event was attended by our regular guests who have been accompanying us to create and collect amazing memories for 10 years now. The anniversary cavalcade also included, for the first time, a representative straight from Maranello – Ferrari Headquarters.

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