Ferrari challenge

This is one of the most famous brand cups in racing worldwide. Ferrari Challenge was created to instil a passion for motorsport in the customers of this brand. These are competitions for those who not only want to enjoy driving their Ferrari on the roads, but also feel the thrill of competition. Ferrari Challenge has been organized since 1993. For three decades, drivers in this series have competed in high-performance versions of the 348, F355, 360, F430, 458 and 488 models. The latest incarnation of the Ferrari cup is the 488 Challenge Evo. These track-only cars have had their gearboxes modified, more efficient brakes installed and the suspension lowered and hardened. The cars are equipped with safety cages, bucket seats, and an aerodynamic package. The championships are held in four regions – the European continental series, the North American series, the Asia Pacific series, and also since 2019, the UK national series. Regardless of the region, drivers compete in four categories: Trofeo Pirelli, Trofeo Pirelli Am, Coppa Shell and Coppa Shell Am – each intended for drivers with different levels of experience in motorsport. The season ends with the Finali Mondiali final race, where the best drivers from all Ferrari Challenge series meet. The winners of these races can consider themselves the best drivers in the world in this category.

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