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The history of Koenigsegg could resemble the story of Ferrari – a charismatic entrepreneur creates a brand producing supercars bearing his own name. However, Christian von Koenigsegg and Enzo Ferrari are two entirely different personalities. While Enzo did not know much about engineering, Christian tirelessly puts his inventions into practice. Ferrari relied on proven solutions, reluctantly experimenting, whereas Koenigsegg’s history is a constant search for innovation and improvements. Cars from Maranello were supposed to win trophies on all tracks in the world; Swedish supercars are supposed to give infinite satisfaction to their owners, without any sporting ambitions. However, both gentlemen share one thing – a huge automotive passion. Koenigsegg is another brand of supercars in the portfolio of Grupa Pietrzak. The Koenigsegg Katowice showroom was established in 2020 as the first sales point of this brand in Central and Eastern Europe. The opening of the showroom covered the presence of the latest models of the Swedish brand, including the innovative 4-seat Gemera model powered by a 4-cylinder hybrid Friendly Tiny Giant engine.

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