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The Alpine brand was founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé, a Renault dealer from Dieppe and a motorsport enthusiast. He became a legend after the Alpine A110 “Berlinette” won two editions of the Monte Carlo Rally in 1971 and 1973. In the 21st century, the Alpine brand returned with the A110 sports car. The new model is faithful to the timeless principles that ensured Alpine’s success – it is compact, lightweight and very manoeuvrable to ensure the greatest driving pleasure. It is available in A110 versions with a 280 HP engine and 300 HP A110 GT and A110 S.

Alpine Pietrzak

The vision of Alpine showrooms is to create places where connoisseurs of exclusive and “tailor-made” cars can meet with representatives of the brand. Advisors serve them with their knowledge and experience, sharing their passion for the brand. Poland is one of a dozen or so countries where a special sales and service network has been established. Grupa Pietrzak has exclusive distribution rights for these unique sports cars. The brand has set high requirements for its distributors: passion for sports cars, extensive experience in selling sports cars or premium brands, knowledge of potential customers and ways of communicating with them, as well as the potential of the local market and a stable financial situation of the dealer allowing extensive investments to be made. In 2019, the brand’s first showroom in Katowice was launched. In 2023, the Pietrzak Group opened its second Alpine showroom in Warsaw.

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