Welcome to Autofficina – a unique place that nurtures automotive and provides the opportunity to learn about niche manufacturers from around the world. Our garage is not only a car workshop, but also a gallery where unique designs are created, combining tradition and modernity.

At Autofficina, we focus on creating exceptional vehicles that impress not only in their appearance but also in their performance and driving comfort. Our passion for classic models inspires us to make thoughtful modifications that add new energy to our classics. 

We represent low-volume manufacturers, coachbuilders and restomodders, but we also work on our own projects in response to market demands.

We are the pioneers in Europe when it comes to creating this innovative space, designed to give access to automobiles with exceptional magic and history.


The word “restomods” is a combination of two Autofficina foundations – “restoration” and “modification”. It’s our hobby and a way of resurrecting vintage vehicles. We preserve the essence of the model, while adding modern solutions that enhance user comfort. This results in vehicles that combine history and the technology of today. Vehicles that carry incredible experiences in their souls and, thanks to their excellent maintenance, can ignite the passion for automotive culture in many more people. 

Restomods are a relatively new phenomenon in the automotive market, but we can confidently say that it is a trend gaining momentum at a galloping pace. It is a unique way of restoring classic cars – instead of rebuilding the original faithfully, with all its advantages and disadvantages, restomod builders allow themselves to modify the car with complete responsibility. 

Restomod blends the character of an oldtimer with contemporary driving luxury. Time-worn components are being replaced by more modern counterparts, including unprecedented materials and advanced technologies. These modifications also involve changes in the area of mechanical components, resulting in significant improvements in the vehicle’s efficiency, performance and safety. As part of restomodding, it is possible to use modern engines, chassis, brakes, air conditioning or audio systems. 


The second branch of Autofficina is coachbuilding – the art of creating handcrafted bodywork tailored to individual customer preferences and requirements. The term has its roots in automotive history, when cars were often sold without a finished body. Instead, the manufacturers supplied only the mechanics and engine, while independent companies specialising precisely in coachbuilding designed and built the bodies.

It is a unique design process where shaping the metal and fitting the details become an art, and the harmony between appearance and functionality is the key to success. 


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