Money alone is not enough. Here's what it takes to become a Bugatti customer

The recent auction of the Chiron Profilée model was a milestone in the market career of the second model in Bugatti’s contemporary history. Now the only thing left for its fans is to buy second-hand cars. Remarkably, it is as demanding and exclusive a process as buying a brand-new Bugatti. General Manager of the Bugatti Katowice showroom Jakub Pietrzak reveals how to join the venue’s clientele, what customers should expect and what they can look forward to.

The Bugatti Chiron Profilée was sold for a record-breaking sum of nearly €10 million. How does one view this result in the context of current developments in the hypercar market and the figures recorded for the other versions of the Bugatti Chiron?

The Bugatti Chiron Profilée is not the first new Bugatti to set a price record. In 2019, the one-of-a-kind Voiture Noire found a new buyer who purchased it for $13.4 million. The buyer belonged to a group selected by the manufacturer itself before the car was even showcased to the public. Today, the model is already valued at $18.7 million.

What stood out about the way the Chiron Profilée was sold was that Bugatti put it up for public auction. Thus, it could have become the property of anyone who wished to buy it. We were prepared that the highest bids could reach €10 million. The value of this world’s only car increased the very next day after the auction, which only confirms the uniqueness, quality and prestige of the Bugatti brand, which we are pleased to represent as a dealer in this part of Europe. As Ettore Bugatti said: “If comparable, it is no longer Bugatti!”

The Profilée model “didn’t make it” into production because all 500 examples from the limited pool of all Chiron versions found their buyers so quickly. The demand for this model, worth at least several million dollars, was enormous. Two hundred were sold before it even launched. This begs the question: how difficult is it (or rather was it) to buy a new Chiron? Were there any readily-available production slots waiting for applicants, or did you have to get on a special list or go through a casting call? In what way were the prospective buyers of this model selected?

Auctioned in Paris, the Chiron Profilée, the only one of its kind, was the first model allowed to be sold in such an open auction format. The auction itself saw intense bidding between the collectors present at the venue and those participating online and by phone from all over the world.

As part of the standard process of placing an order for a new car at a dealership, we first check that it is not being purchased for resale. We verify what other cars the buyer has in his or her collection. We do this to protect the interests of all our customers and limit the risk of speculation and actions to the detriment of the market. The customer verification system originates directly from Bugatti, as the customer buys the car directly from the manufacturer.

A relatively large proportion of Chiron’s production run consisted of various special varieties. Which models were more popular with customers: the more versatile “standard versions” or the more limited, expensive and specialised derivatives like the Pur Sport or Gran Sport?

Frequently, those who own one Bugatti model cannot resist buying its successor. Our customers are exceptional people who have undoubtedly achieved success. When opting to buy a Bugatti, they are driven not only by an absolute passion for automobiles but also by common sense.  In Poland, many people are only just beginning to realise that investing in the right car models is just as good an idea for multiplying your fortune as investing your money in real estate or financial instruments. Investing in cars as prestigious as those by Bugatti may well be likened to high-end patronage. This was evidenced throughout the RM Sotheby’s Paris auction, where in addition to the Chiron Profilée, items of other car brands reached higher values, in keeping with trends seen in the art market.

However, the value of such cars cannot be expressed in monetary terms alone. This transaction is not just about buying a preferred model but participating in the process of configuring it down to the smallest details, and then overseeing their embodiment in the subsequent production stages. The customer is given the opportunity to work with Bugatti and contribute to the heritage of this historic brand. I can’t think of a more satisfying dream for an automotive enthusiast to fulfil.

The subsequent use of the car is a matter of personal preference. Some enjoy the privilege of using such a car daily; others lock it up “in a safe”, as befits a work of art. Bugatti understands the approach of both customer groups, which is why it has prepared two warranty extension options: “Collector” and “Active”, for collectors and those who plan to use their cars in a more active fashion, respectively. Dubbed Passeport Tranquillité by the manufacturer, the warranty programme is available for Veyron and Chiron models in 2 or 4-year plans to give their owners peace of mind in this regard for the maximum possible length of car ownership.

The time to put in an order for a new Bugatti Chiron has run out. The only available option now is to buy it second-hand. What does the process of buying an older Bugatti look like from the perspective of the Polish dealership?

Every Bugatti car has its own history. As a dealer, we have full knowledge of its configuration process down to the smallest detail, as well as of the resale to any subsequent owners. Customers who decide to buy a car through resale approach us with a clear vision of what model and configuration they want to purchase. The sales of such cars are made at our Bugatti Katowice showroom, among other places, and are handled to the highest standard. From the buyer’s perspective, it is no different than buying a brand-new Bugatti vehicle.

We personally check every last detail of the car before its handover. If we find that it suits our customer’s requirements, we invite them to inspect the car in person. There aren’t many Bugatti up for sale on the market, but I can assure you that as soon as one appears, we are the first to know about it. Indeed, we are often the only ones to know since sales of such cars are made largely outside the public channels.

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